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D&D Consulting Services

Organizational Development

 Developing Best in Class Models

With over 20 years of researching the Retail Loss Prevention, Audit, & Safety industry, our firm has studied virtually every retailer in the marketplace and has helped countless organizations design Best in Class Models specifically for their industry group.  By accessing our information network and database you can eliminate the guess work and quickly design a Best in Class Organizational Model that fits your culture and your industry group! 

Organizational Surveys/Salary Surveys

Industry Specific Benchmarking with real time information!

Accessing the largest database in the marketplace gives you the ability to benchmark quickly, accurately and ensures that your organization stays current, reduces turnover, maximizes efficiencies, and increases performance.  Unlike most Organizational Surveys and generic Salary Surveys ours can be designed for your specific industry group and will be 100% accurate!

Leadership Training

Igniting the Spirit makes it a Journey not just a career!

Designed on the principals of Ken Blanchard’s writings, our “Journey to Excellence” program turns  Retail Loss Prevention, Audit, & Safety Executives into business managers with the goal being that they Bring their Spirit to work each and every day! 

This dynamic program can be custom designed and individually tailored to fit your organization.  Programs can be one day training sessions or year long development journeys.  How much of their spirit do you want?  The choice is yours! 

Recruitment & Interviewing Training

Attracting, Seeing & Securing the Best in a shrinking Population

With 20+ years of successful industry specific recruiting experience let our seasoned staff increase your Teams ability to attract the hard to secure and see the candidates for who they are and not who they want you to see.  Our time proven techniques and holistic approach to the recruiting and interviewing process can and will make a difference in your securing and delivering the best for your organization in a shrinking population group!



Turning your Retail Loss Prevention, Audit & Safety Human Resource Questions



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